Know My Neighbour celebration event and end of 2016

On 5th December 2016, One Church held the Know My Neighbour celebration event. This event enabled KMN partners and all others involved in the initiative to reflect back on the year’s highlights and consider the future of KMN.

The Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Pete West, was able to attend the event and highlighted the importance of KMN for our city and particularly for the Christmas period. The steering group members gave a summary of their highlights throughout the year and stressed the importance of Know My Neighbour’s message. Visuals on display illustrated the numerous successes throughout KMN’s year, including last year’s Christmas card campaign and its relaunch for this year, the KMN week in May, and the increasing social media presence of the initiative. KMN has more than 330 likes on Facebook and 251 Twitter followers, and is continuing to expand its reach.

The future of KMN

One Church is no longer able to host the Know My Neighbour initiative into the New Year, and consequently a key focus of the event was to give partners an opportunity to reflect on how they could contribute to the continuance of the initiative.  Feedback collated from the event indicates that in general many partner organisations would like to continue promoting KMN through their own communications and social media. An attachment is available that provides other suggestions of the ways in which organisations can support the initiative in 2017; from providing social media input through to supporting and recruiting volunteers. It is possible that one of our partners may be able to host KMN in 2017, but all partners are invited to contribute where possible given the collaborative nature of KMN. Partner organisations are not expected to take on entire responsibilities such as running the website but rather contribute to one aspect of it.

Ending 2016 in good form

Our final action for the year is to relaunch our Christmas card campaign- we hope this will be a simple and festive way to mark the end of Know My Neighbour 2016. Free cards have been distributed across the city for residents to pick up and send to their neighbours.

Here at One Church we would like to thank all of our partners and everyone else involved who have dedicated their time and effort to making KMN a widespread success. We hope KMN can continue into the future and we look to our partner organisations to continue in their support for the initiative.

A link to how our partners can get involved with KMN: kmn-future-support-doc

Below: Some of our visuals from the event.